Blood Junky

Blood Junky

Blood Junky - Book 1 of the One Blood Series
By Stavros
(Paperback Edition) 6" x 9"
384 pages; Black & White
Genre: Fiction / Horror / Psychological Thriller

The premiere title to the epic One Blood series. Blood Junky is a character-driven psychological thriller that pushes the edge of the vampire genre to new depths of horror. Full throttle, heart-pounding literature with bite! See why its been called "one of the best vampire novels ever written." (Lori Bowland, Living Dead; 2011)
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    Praise for Blood Junky:

    “Blood Junky represents the returning to the roots of the genre…a renewal of the true romantic concept, of the creature bursting with passion and sexuality, of the predator. A book in which the characters are constructed in an interesting way throughout the story and where, like in a jigsaw, you’ll have the complete picture only at the end - and what a picture! I guarantee that the fans of this genre will not be disappointed. Blood Junky doesn’t live on memories told by the fireside. It is a book full of action, where the brake and throttle are used at maximum. A novel full of unpredictability, where suspense and drama occur when you least expect it. An adventure that will take you through frames of present days and recollections of events that occurred a long time ago.” (Mythical Books Review, July 2013)

    “The writing is gorgeous. You don’t see writing like this anymore. It’s classically lyrical; robust and packed full of metaphors…Mythology is totally original and fascinating.” (The Blood Crossed Writer; Tara Hall, 2010)

    “This book was a breath of fresh air. I found the concept of the Jadaraa Soo an interesting take when it comes to being a vampire. I loved this intense book. There is passion, there is obsession, and never a dull moment… loved how there was so much going on to keep me interested, wondering what was going to happen next.” (Eat Sleep Read Blog, Jessica Figueroa, 2013)

    “Finally, vampires are awesome again!” (Howard Wendell, 5 out 5 Star Amazon Review, 2011)