Love in Vein

Love in Vein

Love in Vein - Book 2 of the One Blood Series
Book II of The One Blood Series;
by Stavros
(Paperback Edition) 6" x 9",
454 pages; Black & White. Genre: Fiction / Horror

When one’s life is long, the opportunity for sin is great. How great, then, are the sins of a vampire strung to the wheel of fate?

This is the driving question that consumes the continuing saga from the critically-acclaimed novel, Blood Junky. Beginning just mere hours after the last page has turned with “some of the best vampiric characters ever written in a novel,” (Lori Bowland;, 2011) Stavros takes the story to new heights. Love in Vein is a tale of crime and consequence, of love and sacrifice, intricately woven with real historic events. Set amidst gorgeous southwestern landscapes, a seemingly innocuous journey unravels a tapestry of events that threatens to crush the lives of all who are stitched into fate’s delicate skein. Love in Vein is a pulse-pounding horror novel fueled with an adrenaline-induced joyride on the wrong side of night!
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    Praise for Love in Vein:

    “Attn Vamp Lit Lovers – Finally a writer on par with Anne Rice. I cannot wait to dive into this book - I have a girl crush on Z :-)” (Crystal Gimesh, Facebook Post, 2011)

    “Once again the author creates a superior universe filled with an entirely new culture of vampires…In the previous novel, I compared ‘Blood Junky’ to a very rich dessert, but ‘Love In Vein’ is a full course meal. The series is a gift for those that love vampire fiction…It has some of the best vampiric characters ever written in a novel.” (Living Dead, Lori Bowland, 2011)

    “I highly recommend Love in Vein if you are looking for something different in your vampire books or paranormal reading list. If you are looking for something that is just slightly different than your normal take on vampires, then Love in Vein is the book for you.” (The Avid Reader, Nancy Allen, 2013)

    “Vampire novels of the past have included some very formulaic visions of simple blood exchange. Yes, there is an exchange of blood but this series adds more to the basic scheme. It breaks many molds and expectations of this being another generic story of immortal bloodsuckers. This series and more directly this novel is comparable with, and at times, surpasses the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice.” (Living Dead, Lori Bowland, 2011)