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The immortaliTEA of tea is as ancient and wise as the lore of the mythical vampire. Because if there is any liquid that can sustain life, simply by drinking it, it is without a doubt a cup of tea.  Be it Green, Black, Oolong, White, or a Fruity Blend, the diversiTEA of tea is as wide and varied as the famed night creature from which our company is named.  But where we separate facts from fiction is in the delicate balance of ingredients we mix into each original blend.


We import the finest qualiTEA teas that are rich in antioxidants, low in caffeine, and extremely good.  Tea, much like life, should be savored.  That is a driving force behind the Vampyre Tea Company; to sup from the beauTEAful bounty of life.  That is why we offer you the most exciting, flavorful, and healthiest beverages that you could place to your lips.  Tea promotes clean living, mental acuity, and better health.  So, when life is good it can be lived longer.


To us here at VTC, Tea is not just a drink, it is culture in a cup, art in the leaf, joy in the drink.  So, I hope you n'joy drinkiing Vampyre Tea, whether it be from our traditional Cup of Love brand or our Gothic Vampyre Teas, just as much as we love making it!


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